is derived from the union of two words ‘Flew’ (as in the past tense of ‘to y’) and ‘ID’, the latter being an explicit reference to the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud, where the ID is the instinctual and unconscious part of the human psyche that generates desire. ‘Flew-id’ therefore tries to highlight the ID drives that, once freed (allowed to y), are able to overcome mental barriers or preestablished social conventions.


promotes gender fluidity as a radical, alternative lifestyle challenging patriarchal structures and rigid social and cultural boundaries. The journal explores a range of different identities and stories. We are interested to listen to people’s stories and how they shape personal development. We focus our project in mixing fashion and fine art to create an exciting visual language that explores issues of community and diversity. We would like to contribute to creating a scene that doesn’t just make diversity a trendy ghetto, but an evolving portrait of a normal and captivating reality.


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Director & Editor In Chief Emi Marchionni

Creative Director Angelo Cricchi

Fashion Director Giulio Cascini

Art Director Jordi A. Bello Tabbi


Viale Antonio Costa, 13
00073 Castel Gandolfo (Rm)
P. I. – C. F. 14349271008
Flewid Book is published biannually
Edition: English-Italian bilingual
International Distribution