Drag Syndrome at Glastonbury Festival

Photography Cameron Mcnee
at Glastonbury Festival
special thanks Daniel Vais


 Drag King extraordinaire Justin Bond and member of Drag Syndrome 

Celebrating the end of the Disabiliy Pride Month with the most iconic group of drag queen in the world.

“Drag Syndrome broke another record for being the first group of artists with disabilities to perform at Glastonbury, the largest performing arts festival in the world.
The performance gave a boost to the disabled community, queer community and all those who attended the show. Seeing Drag Syndrome live is an incredible experience, with crowds going wild whenever they perform. They are currently in the middle of a successful European tour and have recently launched Drag Syndrome Germany.
Beyoncé is not the only one to have a summer renaissance! ”
                                                                                                         Daniel Vais