Empowerment Advocates: Elena Turner-Thorne

Photography Ralph Whitehead
Styling, make Up and Hair  Giulio Cascini
Elena @ZebedeeTalent

Elena Turner-Thorne wears total look ANCIELA

Interview Adrien Yakimov Roberts

How do you feel about starting a career as a model with Zebedee Talent Agency?
I am so proud and grateful.
I have always wanted to act, model and sing 

What is your story, how did this journey start, who discovered your talent?
My mum saw Zebedee online.
We loved their vision, and they fight for inclusion. 
So, we sent them some pictures and I was accepted.
However, when I was born my mum was told so many negative things about how my life would be and the things that I wouldn’t be able to do but we want to prove those people wrong.

Where do you get your confidence from? Being in front of a camera, being photographed, isn’t as easy as it sounds. 
I love being in front of a camera and always have from being a baby.
It feels normal.
I like to listen carefully so I can get what the team want.

We all need clothes, most people also communicate with clothes, what’s your relationship with clothes /fashion? When you get ready in the morning, how do you decide what to wear? When out shopping how do you feel? Do you always know what you want?
It is hard sometimes to find clothes that I like that fit me as I am short and have small feet. I do love colourful bright clothes but that are also comfort

All work in the fashion industry is teamwork, have you been on set yet? How was working with a team, with you at the centre feel? 
Oh my goodness…….. on each set I have been on I have been treated like a princess.
The hair, make up, clothes and all been incredible. the people talk me through the plans for the shoot, make sure I understand and am happy with what I have to do.
I have always felt safe and comfortable, it is such an incredible experience to be with people who are so kind and clever and treat me like an adult – which i am !

Clothes have special power. What are your favorite items in your wardrobe? Can you describe them and how do you feel when you were them? 
I wore a dress to my cousins wedding last year, it made me feel so special and pretty. It was dusky pink, embroidered with a long floaty skirt.
It made me feel incredible!

I you could wear anything, what would it be? Can you describe it?
If I could wear anything it would be a dress that fits me perfectly, which needs to be bright but beautiful.

What words / expressions would you best use to describe yourself, to someone that doesn’t know you.
I am kind, caring and like to help people. 
As well as being strong, I’m funny and I like to laugh and make people happy, i don’t like rudeness just because someone looks or acts in anyway different.

Other than modeling what other careers would you like to explore in the future?
I would love to be an actress.
I really love soap operas and think more people like me should be included.
I like to learn lyrics to songs easily and pick up dance routines from watching online. 
I want to show everyone that I may have some special needs but more importantly that I am just special.