Taro Hanabusa

Writer: Anna Kioumourtzi
Photographer: Angelo Cricchi
Special Thanks�Contemporary Cluster Roma

�Fangophilia�, a project by the artist Taro Hanabusa.
Drawing inspiration from his initial career in the dental science field, T. Hanabusa creates unique and customized pieces made mostly from silver and precious stones which serve as jewelry under the notion of body modification and the principal of jewelry as a second skin material.
Focused on the beauty of the human body and natural curves, Hanabusa�s jewelries are more than mere accessories. They are unique art pieces which fall into each customer�s character and personal taste. With Japanese origins and a large client list - from Rihanna, Jaden Smith, Lady Gaga to Marilyn Manson, Kat Von D and K-Pop idols like G-Dragon of Big Bang - Mr. Hanabusa travels the world sharing his talent and creations.
Simple yet concise designs like silver molded face masks, finger and extraordinary ear pieces, elaborate grillz and several others will be hosted in the exhibition available to the Roman audience as well as making customized orders.
Contemporary Cluster offers an unprecedented dialogue between the original creations of Taro Hanabusa and the works exhibited in the gallery, with the aim of showing a further expressive possibility on the theme of mutation.

Who are you and what do you do.
I'm Taro Hanabusa.
Japanese dentist & custom-made jewelry brand fangophilia designer.

Why you do what you do.
I was a normal dentist 6 years ago.
That time I was so boring for the routine works in the dental clinic.
So I wanted to start something new.
Dentist mold teeth everyday.
I came up with the idea that it should be fun making mold & making custom-made art pieces.

Explain what you do in 5 sentences. (creatively, process, artistically)
Sorry I couldn't understand what should I write.

What was your background.
I have dentist license & worked as dentist for 5 years.
I have never studied art.
Maybe my background is from the medical science studying in the past.

Where do you draw inspiration from.
As I wrote in the previous question, my inspiration came from my medical science studying & dentist works.
And also I'm interested in body modification culture for more than 20 years.
I think my art pieces are like body modification jewelries. People can wear second skin made by metal.

What themes do you pursue.
My brand concep is Molding body parts & making custom metal skin.
Human body shapes or curves are naturally beautiful.
So I don't want to make too much decoration.
I want to pursue minimal beauty.

As an artist how would you identify yourself.
I think my life style is much different from other designers.
I need to meet my clients to make their custom-made pieces. So I always travel countries & meet a lot of people.
I identify myself as traveler designer.

Your current work.
When I started my brand 6 years ago. I started with teeth jewelry. Because I was a dentist.
After that I made other body part molding pieces. For exameple, ear, nose, finger, face.
Now I'm interested in making bigger pieces. For example, big face mask, full arm piece, etc...
Recently I made my first video work.
I want to create more photogenic art pieces.

How you see your future as a creative.
Until now a lot of famouse artists wear my pieces on their shooting. For example, Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jaden Smith.
That made me famous & of course that is very honorable thing for me.
I want to make more art pieces in the future & I'm glad if I was known more in the contemporary art scene.

How do you identify your mindset.
Sorry I couldn't understand what should I write.

Why choosing this form of art.
About the making method of art pieces, no one is doing the same thing with me.
My form occurred naturally mixed with the dental works.

With who have you worked with.
Artists who wears my fangophilia pieces:
Marilyn Manson
Lady Gaga
Jaden Smith
Kat Von D
G-Dragon from Big Bang
CL from 2NE1